Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some Weekly and Monthly Newspapers in Bangla

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Below are some weekly, monthly published News Paper in Bangla Language from Dhaka, Bangladesh and from other cities around the world.

Weekly Shaptahik 2000 
Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Weekly Shaptahik
Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Weekly Shaptahik Kagoj
Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Weekly Akhon Samoy
Published in Bangla
From New York

Weekly Desh Shomoy 
Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Weekly Notun Desh
Published in BAngla
From Dhaka

Bibek Barta Online
Published in Bangla
From Japan

Thikana Online
Published in Bangla
From New York 

Monthly Monojagot 
Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Weekly Bangladesh
Published in Bangla
From London

Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Weekly Porshi  
Published in Bangla
From California

Monthly Kali O Kalam
Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Monthly Computer Jagat 
Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Monthly Computer Barta 
Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Monthly C NEWS
Published in English
From Dhaka

Monthly E BIZ
Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Published in Bangla
From Dhaka

Biggani Online
Published in Bangla and English

From Dhaka

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meghna Bridge and the River

Hello Viewers,
I shared two pictures here I took from a running bus before some days (within last one month from the post date). Two pictures were taken on one day and last two were taken after 7 days of the first two's.

The time was around 5.00 5.30 pm. I was crossing the Meghna Bridge going from Dhaka City to Comilla City by bus.

During the first taken the weather was normal sky was clear.

But when the last two were taken the weather was little bit cloudy. I called my friend, he was telling that it was raining on Comilla and I was seeing from the bus. Take a look.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Electronic Media - Television and Radio Channels in Bangladesh

Recently the number Electronic Media like Satellite TV channel, FM Radio Channel, Internet radio etc are getting more popularity day by day in Bangladesh. Since the population is increasing in our country. So more population means more chance to do some business. Below are a list of some websites of E-Media in Bangladesh. To know detail about individual channel go their site.

Government TV Channel Bangladesh Television / BTV or BTV World (Transmit through satellite and Terrestrial):

Channel i

NTV (National Television)


ETV (Ekushey Television)

ATN Bangla

ATN Bangla NEWS 



Independent TV

Bangla Vision

Boishakhi TV


Desh TV

Channel 24

Channel 16

Channel 9

Diganta TV

Ekattor TV-HD

Maasranga TV

GTV (Gazi Television)

Islamic TV


Mohona TV

Some Radio Channel (FM / International) provide Bangla service in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh Betar (Govt Radio Channel) 

Radio Today - FM 89.6

Radio Foorti - FM 88.0

Radio Aamar - FM 88.4

ABC Radio - FM 89.2

Dhaka FM - 90.4

Shadhin Bangla - FM 92.4

VOA Radio Bangla (Voice Of America)

BBC Radio Bangla (British Broadcasting Corporation)

DW Radio Bangla (Duetch Welle - Germany)

Iran Bangla Radio

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