Monday, May 4, 2009

Job Sites in Bangladesh

Here are Some links of Important Job Sites in Bangladesh:


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Government, Laws, President, Prime Minister, Constitution, Parliament, Election Commission | Bangladesh

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This post is about some important websites of the Bangladesh Government. I didn't make any review of any websites, here you will see just the URL of some important websites od the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Know about Bangladesh. Know about Law and Government of Bangladesh, History and Culture of Bangladesh, Education in Bangladesh and other lots of information's about our Country BANGLADESH. Here are some Important website addresses of "The Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh"

Daughter of Sea, Kuakata Beach, Rising and Setting of Sun | Kuakata, Bangladesh

On the Southampton tip of Bangladesh, a rare Tourist spot is located under Patuakhali district in Bangladesh called KUAKATA. A Fantastic tourist attraction where one can see both the Sunrise and the Sunset.
Local people named it "Sagor Konnya" (Daughter of Sea) for its natural beauty. It is famous for its wide sandy beach. The natural beauty of Kuakata is really eye catching for its wide sandy beach, natural beauty, blue sky, huge span of sea water and green forest.

The name Kuakata came from KUA (well), dig on the sea shore by the early Rakhyne Settlers in search of drinking water. They landed on Kuakata coast after explled from Arakan by Moughals. Afterwards, it has become a tradition of digging KUA (well) in the neighborhood of Rakhaine homestead for collection of water.

Kuakata is about 70km from the Patuakhali main city, in Latachapli union under Kalapara Police Station. Patuakhali is about 320 km from Dhaka (Capital of Bangladesh). Patuakhali District is about 30 km long and 6 km wide.
Communication to Kuakata from Dhaka by road may be some stressful, The best way is first go to Barisal by air, then from Barisal to Kuakata by road or by water is a much easier way. BRTC runs bus service from Dhaka to Kuakata via Barisal. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation and other private tourism organization offer several guided package tours from Dhaka to Kuakata.

The main attraction in Kuakata is the experience of viewing the Rising and the Setting of the Crimson Sun in the Blue water of Bay of Bengal. That’s why some people think Kuakata is one of the world’s unique Beaches.

For a series of Coconut Trees, Migratory Winter Birds and Sandy Beach under blue sky Kuakata is truly a Virgin-Beach. The Beach has a gentle slope towards the Bay of Bengal. Everything here is truly natural.
Forest, Fishing, Boats plying in sea with Colorful sails, Surfing waves, Towering cliffs, and all these natural combination will blow your mind.

Kuakata is an old place for Pilgrimage of Buddhist and Hindus Community. The hundred years old Buddhist temple, The 'Rakhyne' tribal families and their Costumes and Customs indicate the Ancient Tradition and Cultural Heritage.
Two full moon Festivals – “Raash Purnima” and “Maghi Purnima” arrives here every year. People take holy bath at the bay during those festivals. A fair is also held here from where one can buy some Handicrafts and Handlooms.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Memorable Places in Comilla City | Back to Comilla, Bangladesh

This post is just some collection of pics of various places of the Comilla City.
  • Comilla Victoria College – Sriti Shoudho

  • Comilla Victoria College Gate

  • Comilla Victoria College – Rani Dighi

  • Comilla Victoria College Campus

  • Circuit House - Comilla

  • Comilla Club

  • Comilla High School

  • Comilla Cadet College

  • Comilla Zila School-1

  • Comilla Zila School-2

  • Comilla Zila School-3

  • Bangladesh Shishu Academy - Comilla

  • Comilla Stadium-1

  • Comilla Stadium-2

  • Dhormo Sagor - Comilla-1

  • Dhormo Sagor - Comilla-2

  • Eidgah - Comilla-1

  • Eidgah - Comilla-2

  • Kali Bari – Comilla

  • Rani Kuti – Comilla-1

  • Rani Kuti – Comilla-2

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Historical and Famous Places of Early Dhaka

The Dhaka city has changed a lot. In this post, Pictures of some Historical and Famous Places in Early Dhaka has uploaded. All of these Photos have taken in the 19th and 20th Century. This post usually does not contain any kind of description, only images.

A Scene of PURANA PALTAN, Dhaka à pic:1875

Chowk Bazar, Old Dhaka à pic:1885

Chowk Bazar Mor, Old Dhaka (Beside this road today’s Sheikh Burhanuddin College is Located. This road is named as Nazimuddin Road today) à pic:1904

Badshahi Masjid, Chowk Bazar and Mir Jumla's one of the two famous Cannons “Bibi Mariam” in the centre (The Cannon has been shifted to Osmany Memorial Park, Ramna) à pic:18th or 19th Century

Islampur Road, Old Dhaka à pic:1905

LaalBagh Kella (Fort), Old Dhaka à pic:1872

LaalBagh Kella (Fort) South-East Gate, Old Dhaka à pic:1870

PARI BIBI’R Mazar (Tomb), Old Dhaka ( inside LaalBag Kella) à pic:1904

Shahbagh Garden, Dhaka à pic:1904

Ramna Gate, Dhaka (Where present day the Doyel Chattar is located) à pic:1901

Ramna Area, Dhaka à pic:1880

Amtala Arts Building - Dhaka University à pic:1856

Dhaka College Campus à pic:1872

Dhaka College Campus à pic:1904

A British Officer’s Mess in Dhaka (Picture taken from a Wireless Tower) à pic:1934

North Book Hall, Dhaka (The area known as North Book Hall Road Today) à pic:1904

Begum Bazar / Kartalab khan Masjid, Old Dhaka à pic: 20th Century

St. Thomas Church, Dhaka à pic:1872

Armenian Church built in 1781, Dhaka à pic:18th or 19th Century

Deer Park of Nawab of Dhaka (A place at Shahbag where perhaps present day’s Ramna Park is Located) à pic:1875

Buriganga River Side, Dhaka à pic:1880

Dhakeshwari Mandir, Old Dhaka à pic:1904

Narinda Christian Grave Yard, Old Dhaka à pic:1875

Choto Katra Built by Subedar Shaista Khan in 1663, Old Dhaka à pic:19th or 20th century

Boro katra - South view (now extinct), Dhaka à pic:1870

Mit Ford Hospital, Dhaka ( Where Present Salimullah Medical College is Located) à pic:1904

A Steel Bridge on Dholai Khal, Old Dhaka (That BUS Conductors call LOHAR POOL today) à pic:1904

Dolai khal, Old Dhaka à pic:1904

Mujib House, Dhaka à pic: Before Liberation War

An Unidentified Street Scene of Dhaka à pic:1872

A Bridge at North of Dhaka (now extinct) à pic: 18th or 19th Century