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Image Collection of Bogra City Skylines and Others - Part 1

Bogra is a city and one of the oldest cities in the northern part of Bangladesh. It is a center of commerce and trade within the Bogra District and located under the Rajshahi Division. Bogra is sometimes described as the nerve center of Northern side (North Bengal) of the country, it is also a bridge between Rajshahi and Rangpur Division. The area of the town is approximately 71.56 km2 (27.63 sq mi), and after becoming a municipality (first ever Mayor of the municipality is Adv. Mahabubar Rahman), it consists of 21 wards (after the recent greater extension). Among many notable activities, it has been hosting cricket test matches in Shaheed Chandu Stadium.

Very close to the town there is a place called Mahasthangarh which was the earliest capital city of Bangladesh, formerly known as Pundravardhana. This place is considered to be sacred by Buddhists and Hindus alike, and is visited by tourists from all over Bangladesh throughout the year. 1971 War Hero, Sector Commander, Head of the "Z-Force", Former President of Bangladesh, Maj. Gen. Ziaur Rahman.

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All the images below of various places across Bogra city collected from the internet. Bogra is one of the fast growing cities in the North Bengal of the Bangladesh; take a look at the Skylines and other images of the City:

Highrise Buildings / Constructions and other images of Bogra town:

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