Monday, November 12, 2012

District Portals - Step towards to a Digital Bangladesh

The Government of Bangladesh has launched Web portal for every district in Bangladesh. There are total 64 District / Zila in Bangladesh. Creating web portal for each district has been considered as a clear step to make a Digital Bangladesh as the vision of the Government of Bangladesh. Information's in this post has been collected from the National Web Portal of Bangladesh.

Below are the Website Addresses of all the district portals in Bangladesh in division wise. Browse those sites for info related to your desired district.

SIX Districts under Barisal Division:

ELEVEN Districts under Chittagong Division:

Total SEVENTEEN districts under Dhaka Division:

TEN district in Khulna Division:

Total EIGHT districts in Rajshahi Division:

Total EIGHT districts under Rangpur Division:

There are total FOUR districts in Sylhet Division:

For further information visit the National Web Portal of Bangladesh.

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