Monday, January 6, 2014

Want to buy or rent an apartment in Bangladesh?

Case Study -1:
Mr. X wanted to buy an apartment in Dhaka, he and his wife has a dream of having their own apartment in the city for a long time. They started searching for a luxurious apartment at attractive and reasonable price in a suitable location. They started visiting many Developer companies and Flat owners in different places in the city and it takes almost one month to find a better one. Mr. X is a busy man, so it’s little bit difficult for him to manage some extra time for this purpose because he got a tight working schedule. And finally he was able to do it but it paid a lot.

Case Study -2:
Mr. Y also wanted to buy an apartment here in Dhaka city. He is a busy man too and he has also a tight working schedule. But he find his desired apartment just in a single day !

Guess how?

Yes, you are right! Through online e-commerce sites!

Mr. Y is a smart guy, and he gets the full benefit of and e-commerce Bangladesh which helped him a lot to find his desired apartment.

Lots of e-commerce sites are now providing better service in the country. You can find all the information you need to buy or rent a flat, apartment, house etc in Bangladesh through these sites. Some of the popular e-commerce real estate sites such as lamudi, flatmela, realestatebazaar etc. are providing this facility for the consumers. And this service is not only based in Dhaka city, they are spending their service in other major cities in Bangladesh like Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna and others.

The global e-commerce market is set to continue showing a strong growth. Peoples are getting involved with various online activities from Social Networking to Shopping. At present, more than thirty million peoples in Bangladesh have already access to internet communication. The number of Internet user is increasing day by day and telecommunication companies established their 3G / WiFi networking here which helps some companies to start their online business.

That’s why Mr. Y was able to buy his desired apartment in an easy and convenient way.
So, what you are going to do? Do you want to buy or rend any flat / apartment / house ... in Bangladesh? Who you are going to be?

Mr. X or Mr. Y ?

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